Code Signing Certificate Technical Resources

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At Thawte, we do our best to provide the most comprehensive information and knowledge to our customers.  Listed here you will find information for maintaining your Code Signing certificates, as well as a few common errors that may occur.

While we do attempt to provide as much information as possible, note that with Code Signing certificates, we may not be able to provide complete information as to the packaging and/or preparation of the files to be signed by these certificates.  In these cases, please contact the vendor you are developing for to assist you further.

Please review Thawte's Code Signing Private Key Protection Recommendations for additional security assurance when using Code Signing certificates.










Signing Tools

NOTE:  For troubleshooting and technical assistance with the signing tools, please contact the developer of the tools.

Additional Resources

Microsoft Signing Tools:

Click HERE for Microsoft's Software Development Kit (SDK)

Intermediate CA & Root Certificates:

Intermediate CA certificates chain your Code Signing certificates to the Roots trusted in browsers and client software.

Java Signing Tools:

Click HERE for the Java SE Development Kit (JDK)


Adobe AIR Signing Tools:

Click HERE for the Adobe AIR Application
Click HERE for Adobe AIR Extensions to other Adobe Software




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