Error: "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?" when accessing a secure web site via Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 browser

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This warning message occurs when items on the following web site (frames, images and other objects) are referenced in a non-secure manner (http). For example the page code might include an image or code that pulls from a non-secure URL.

Internet Explorer interrupts the download and displays a confirmation dialog whenever it detects the use of mixed content on a secure page.


To resolve this issue make sure that the page code does not pull data directly from a non-secure URL.
To check for insecure items, perform the following steps:
1.  Access the web site with Internet Explorer
2.  Click No to display non-secure items
3.  Right-click on the body of the web page
4.  Select View Source
To identify non-secure elements view the source code of the page and search for the text src="http://
This will then highlight elements on your page being loaded from a non-secure URL.
The source code (HTML) needs to be checked for NON SECURE tags. (i.e. <img src="">)  Ensure the following references are changed to https or a virtual directory.
Note:  The webmaster should always be consulted prior to any adjustments made to a web site.
For more information, please refer to the Microsoft Support article:


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