Thawte SSL Certificate not trusted after installation on Microsoft IIS

Solution ID:    SO15171    Updated:    06/10/2016


Any certificate requires the intermediate certificate to be installed.


Your error indicates the intermediate certificate has not been installed or incorrectly installed.


Step 1: Download the Intermediate Certificate

Select the correct Intermediate Certificate for your certificate type: INFO1384


Step 2: Create a Certificate Snap-in in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to manage your certificates:

Complete the steps for your IIS version: SO1849
Step 3: Install the intermediate certificate:
  1. Open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
  2. Click on Certificates from the left pane
  3. Double-click on Intermediate Certification Authorities from the right pane
  4. Right-click on Certificates subfolder from the right pane and select All Tasks > Import to open the Certificate Import Wizard
  5. Click on the Next button
  6. Specify the location of the intermediate file by browsing to it and click on the Next button
  7. By default, it will place the certificate in the Intermediate Certification Authorities store. Keep this selection and click on the Next button.
  8. Click on the Finish button
  9. A message will appear confirming the successful import of the certificate. Click on the OK button.


Note: If your site still has the chaining error, restart the IIS service. If the problem continues, the whole server needs a reboot to use the new intermediate.

Also, open and close any browser you had open before doing the above that was giving you the chaining error, to prevent any browswer caching issues from showing the incomplete chain.


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