Install Thawte SSL123 certificate into SAP Web Application Server 6.x

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How do I install a Thawte SSL123 certificate on a SAP Web Application Server
Install Thawte SSL123 certificate on SAP Web Application Server
How do I install a Thawte SSL123 certificate on a SAP Web Application Server 6.10+


To install a Thawte SSL123 Certificate on a SAP Web Application Server, perform the following steps: 
Step1. Download your Thawte certificate
1. You will receive an email when your certificate is issued.
2. Download your certificate as per the instruction on the following solution: SO13187
3. Select the 'PKCS#7' format option and click 'Pick Up certificate'
4. Copy and Paste your Thawte certificate to Notepad and save as a certificate.txt
Step2. Installing your Thawte SSL123 certificate:
From the Trust Manager screen:
  1. Expand the SSL server PSE node.

  2. For each application server that is to receive a signed certificate:

    1. Select the application server with a double click. The application server's SSL server PSE is displayed in the PSE maintenance section.
    2. In the PSE maintenance section, choose Import Cert Response. The dialog for the certificate request response appears.
    3. Insert the contents of the certificate request response into the dialog's text box (using Paste) or select the response from the file system by using Load local file. The signed public-key certificate is imported into the server's SSL server PSE, which is displayed in the PSE maintenance section. You can view the certificate by selecting it with a double click. The certificate information is then shown in the certificate maintenance section.

  3. Save the data.


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